Hello! This is the personal website for Jacob Lindgren

I'm generally active on Matrix/IRC (heisenbridge ftw) if you need to get ahold of me. Feel free to check my mastodon for less serious musings.

Mastodon: https://fosstodon.org/@lindgrenj6
Telegram: https://t.me/jlindgren
Matrix: @jacob:lindgren.tech
IRC: jlindgren on libera.chat (bridged to my matrix server)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacoblindgren11

Current interests and fascinations:

(order means nothing)

Knative https://knative.dev It's kind of cool to look at k8s as "just" the platform rather than something like heroku/render/fly.io
Akkoma https://akkoma.social/ currently using gotosocial - but akkoma seems much more full featured.
Nostr https://www.nostr.how/ Basically the anti-ActivityPub on simplicity Alone. Really cool! I want to write a relay and client

Persistent interests:

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